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Connecting Through Communication

Deaf Wellbeing Society uses an existing grant system called “Lottery Individuals with Disabilities” (LIWD).

Many Deaf do not know it is available for the Deaf to use.


How to Apply?

What supporting documents do I need to upload?

1. Verification of Disability with example of Verification of Disability and medical certificate from your GP

Support Letters can be from many different areas, below is a list of examples

Community group


Deaf non-profit organisations/charitable organisations

Your therapist

Your social worker

Your audiologist

2) The grant committee likes to see your support letter based on

1. Your past community involvement

2. Your current community involvement

3. What benefits there are for you having communication equipment related to your community involvement.

Download and print:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ - what's contents

1. Who can apply?

2. How many times can you apply?

3. Can more than one person living at the same place apply?

4. Health professionals like who?

5. How long will I need to wait until I hear?

6. What happens if my new technology is stolen or lost

If you have any questions when making your application, contact the DWS administrator, Natasha Jumelet on






Do your community groups want to know more about LIWD?
We are happy to provide a presentation to your group. This presentation will take 30 minutes of your time. During the presentation we will explain how to apply to a Communication Equipment Grant so to stay connected with your communication e.g. Deaf Community, Sports Community, Art Community and many others to many to name.
Just contact Natasha on text 021 972310 or email and she will be pleased to arrange a face-to-face or zoom presentation.


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