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Deaf Rest Home Visits

With the support of Pub Charity, the Deaf Wellbeing Society Incorporated have been offering Deaf CSW visits to Rest Homes in the Auckland area. There are many born profoundly Deaf members of the community living in mainstream rest homes. Most often there are no NZSL interpreters present during day to day operations in the rest homes and many Deaf residents have no one to ask or discuss why something is happening to them.

There is little opportunity for Deaf residents to have communication or human contact, they may sit in a busy room with people around them, yet no one is able to understand them or there is no one there to help them to understand others. They are extremely isolated and many are losing their own ability to use sign language.

Our Deaf CSW gives social contact to Deaf elderly in rest homes. She can communicate at a level that the person understands. It is important that the Deaf do not get left out or feel isolated especially in their home/ living environment.

If you know of someone in a rest home who would benefit from visits from our Deaf CSW please click here.