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Deaf Prison Visits

With support from the Four Winds Foundation, The Deaf Wellbeing Society Incorporated has been offering visits to Deaf inmates in the Auckland region. Our Deaf Community Support Worker makes weekly visits to Deaf inmates providing contact in NZSL. There is little opportunity for Deaf inmates to have NZSL communication and if inmates are to be helped they need to have social contact, they need to talk and be able to express themselves freely.

Our Deaf CSW can communicate at a level that the inmate understands. She can also be present and act as an intermediary between a NZSL interpreter and the Deaf inmate. She will ensure the inmate understands all the information discussed during the appointment by translating the NZSL interpreter’s communication to a level the client comprehends.

We feel strongly that it is also important to go over the information with the Deaf client when the appointment is over. It is critical that the Deaf client does not miss any information and is given time to reflect immediately. This way we can ensure no information is lost in translation and that it is understood.

If you know of a Deaf inmate that would benefit from our visits please click here.

If you are Deaf and would like to visit a hearing inmate but would like some support please click here. and maybe we can help.